April 13, 2010


"When high school started this past fall, I decided to wear my bags shorter. I told my stylist, and she cut them to half the length they used to be! They were so short that pieces of hair on both sides stuck straight out and curled up like a mustache. People called me Wings!” Haha oops.

April 13, 2010   1 note


"So, I was 16 at the time, and quite the stupid little girl. I had just showered and was walking up to my room in a towel to put clothes on. My older brother calls me over to the front door to "show me something." So, stupid me, I go over and peek my head out the door. In what seemed like a millisecond, he whipped off my towel and pushed me out the front door, slammed it, and locked it. 
It took a second for what had just happened to register, but soon enough, I realized that I was standing on our front porch, in broad daylight, and completely naked. The only thing I have to cover me up is a prickly bush, and I’m not about to dive into that. So I bang against the door with my fists, screaming my head off, and he’s in the window laughing at me. After a few seconds, (Our street is moderately busy) a middle aged couple drives by and gets a full rear view. I turn my head and they have looks of horror on my face. 

I continued panicing and banging for about 2 minutes, when all of a sudden I hear a loud honk. Not thinking, I whirl my entire body around, only to see a car full of college aged guys still honking, laughing, and getting a full view. 

They then sped off, but I was really upset now and had to act. Without inhibition, I jumped off our porch, over my mom’s flower bed, down our driveway, and around the back, hoping over our fence into our backyard, but damn it all, he got there first and locked that door too. 

He wasn’t about to let me in, so I knew I had to do something. My room is on the second floor and I go to my last possible action. I grab our ladder, and I climb it, stark naked, and go in through my bedroom window.Haha oops.

April 13, 2010


"One day when my friend Ryan was over spending the night and we were playing a game of truth or dare! As the game raged one for hours Ryan dared me to were one of my 6-year-old (bed wetting) brother’s diapers for the night. We made a rule that no "really bad" dares could be turned down so I had no choice. I quietly went down-stairs and into the bath room. I opened the cupboard and saw what I didn’t want to see: two packs of pull-ups training pants. I really slide one on and and with a weird feeling inside, I dashed back up stairs. Ryan continued pulling down my PJ bottom to see me wearing the soft training pants! Later that night, while I was asleep, Ryan secretly turned off my clock for school in the morning! We woke up really late (but still had about 10 minutes for the bus)and all we did was grabbed some cloths and a candy bar because there was no time to sit and eat a nice breakfast. We made it to the bus on time (wow) and had all of our things. Almost at the school, Ryan bent over a said “Your still wearing those training panties aren’t you?” He whispered. “No” I stammered and put my arm down. As I put my arm down I heard a crinkling noise! “Oh-no!” I got really quiet. “I didn’t change the training panties!” We were at school by now. with ever step I took I was able to hear and feel the soft cotton diapers hugging me. At about 12:30 (outside at lunch) I was just walking and Ryan comes up and de-pants me!!!!!!!!! I trip while this happens and when I trip Ryan grabbed my pants a started dashing off! I sat on the ground wearing a diapers and a T-shirt. Laughter came from all sides.” Haha oops.

April 13, 2010


"One day my friends and I were at our local water parks swimming and lying out. A few cute boys from school showed up, and we all decided to go down the big water slide. I went with my crush in one tube, and we were flirting the whole way down. When we got to the bottom, he helped me up and stood there staring at me. Then he reached his hand up toward my face, so I thought he was going to kiss me - but instead, he grabbed someone’s dirty old Ban-Aid from my hair." Haha oops.